Holding Back (#696)

I love to write,
So why then do I procrastinate far into the night?
When there’s no time to write, I get pissed,
So why when I have the time, it is lowest on my list?
When I don’t write, I can feel the void,
Writing isn’t something I intentionally try to avoid,
For without writing, I’d lose my mind,
You’d think more time to write I’d try to find,
Yet as a priority it never takes the cake,
Is it about failure or the commitment I need to make?
I don’t understand why I keep pushing it aside,
Am I too afraid to confront what I hide?
I yearn to write, but maybe subconsciously I don’t,
Maybe it wants me to put writing aside, but I won’t,
I’m not intentionally holding back,
But nor am I ignorant to that fact,
My writing is a portal to my soul allowing anyone to see,
Maybe I procrastinate because I’m afraid of me.

Any Thoughts?

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