Her Writing Challenges (#693)

What is it about challenges that spark your motivation?
When year-round to NOT write you find many a justification,
Is it because you need a community to stand beside you?
Or do you need to lead others so that you can get through?
Why is it you seem to need a challenge to sit down and write?
I watch year-round only to see you struggle and fight,
Not against a project or person but the writer behind the pen,
Pushing yourself without a challenge happens now and then,
But in the scheme of things your motivation isn’t from within,
For you writing is a want not a need to your own chagrin,
Such talk about the importance of writing and your desire,
You’d think all year your computer and pen would be on fire,
But for all your wants, you just can’t seem to find your drive,
So, what is it about those challenges that force you to strive?

Any Thoughts?

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