Hard Day (#972)

It was one of those days where everything was due,
With the time I had, it would be a lot to get through,
Today, at least, procrastination had to be pushed aside,
Because my schedule was tight, and my nerves fried,
So right from the start, I knew that I had to get busy,
The key was keeping focus and not having a tizzy,
I must say at first everything was going quite great,
Then out of nowhere I got tasks that just couldn’t wait,
With all that I had last second meetings come along,
Plus, I had to verify all my calculations weren’t wrong,
Stuck at my keyboard and shooting off tons of email,
It was going to be a long day, that I could already tell,
At last, lunch was coming, and I could get a break,
Yeah right! Thinking that was a delusional mistake,
After taking 5 minutes to go and get something to munch,
I returned to my desk to work through my lunch,
So, nearing the end, I finally could see the proverbial light,
To the end of the day, I surprisingly managed to fight,
Somehow, yet strangely, it all managed to get done,
So, when the precious 5 o’clock came, it was time to run,

Any Thoughts?

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