Graveyard Lovers (#180)

Full moon illuminating forgotten headstones,
Hanging moss catching soft muffled moans,
A low mist blankets the cemetery grounds,
In the distance the sounds of baying hounds,
Shadows leap beyond the candles that burn,
Two bodies arch with desire and intimate yearn,
Bare skin pressed against the cold cemetery dirt,
In the dark lay high heels, pants and a torn shirt,
Long nails stream against the flesh and lips part,
Two hungry souls acting on what’s in their heart,
Heavy rhythmic breathing only matches their pace,
Waves of pleasure, ecstasy, and love in their face,
Goosebumps from the air are nothing like his bite,
Tongues dart and their wanting hands interlock tight,
They trace each other’s outlines by touch and mind,
Their perfect embrace is their bodies so entwined,

Any Thoughts?

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