Grandfather Grief (#1984)

10 years ago, both of my grandfathers died,
It broke me emotionally and I retreated inside,
They passed away only a few months apart,
Even thinking about it now shreds my heart,
I couldn’t write about it at the time it occurred,
If I tried the tears just made everything blurred,
To escape how I felt I wrote about other things,
It was a necessary tourniquet for my heartstrings,
Even so, I still drowned in memories and grief,
It took months before I felt any sort of relief,
I couldn’t write about their deaths until now,
It wasn’t something my emotions would allow,
Thinking about them now still brings me to tears,
That’s always been the case these last 10 years,
I’m starting to suspect that it’ll always be that way,
I miss them both more than my words can say,

Any Thoughts?

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