Graduation Day (#200)

It’s been 12 years since I learned the meaning of “homework,”
I’ve survived teenage life and its emotional murk,
Going to school every day learning new things,
Taking on any challenge and the defeat or pride it brings,
I’ve made friends and enemies but life I’ve learned to know,
Hugging the joys and facing the fears where they show,
Having a teacher say I can, when I say I can’t do this,
Their friendship and guidance I know I’m going to miss,
From encouragement to devastation through all I abide,
Never taking up the notion to run and hide,
To stand with my fellow classmates in our successes,
Happiness we show with fear in our mind’s recesses,
So here we enter, into the days of tomorrow from today,
To all who helped us here “Thank You” is what we say.

Any Thoughts?

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