Finishing a Project (#941)

Finishing a project really feels good,
Especially when you thought you never would,
Of course, we always plan and hope to finish,
Somewhere in the middle hope starts to diminish,
And more ambitious the plan seems to be,
Bumps in the road isn’t something we foresee,
Life and creative flow aren’t always in sync,
Sometimes I just look at the paper and think,
Can I really do this? Am I really a writer?
Only near the end does the outlook look brighter,
Writing does not always want to flow,
But it doesn’t matter; I still must give it a go,
To finish sometimes, you must push through,
It can be one of the hardest things writers do,
The only thing stopping you from finishing is you,
So, are you going to quit or do what you got to do?
Me, I chose to stick to it and fight it out,
Even though I had serious self-doubt,
I am what I am- a writer writes,
Writing mornings, afternoons, and nights,
Writing is pretty much a guarantee,
If I get money, great, but I’ll still be writing it for me,
Finishing a project has almost a sexual feel,
The relief and release are just indescribably unreal,
I’m never sure I want to experience the journey again,
But when one project is done a new one is set to begin,

Any Thoughts?

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