Finding Faith (#1397)

One’s spiritual path is not always easy to find,
Religion has never had only just one kind,
Much like people religions are quite diverse,
To find the right path, there may be many they must traverse,
Each is an experience and has truth to bring,
But only one will they find has that special ring,
Some are lucky to find their path the first go around,
While other’s searches aren’t so sound,
For those who’ve yet to find their home,
Keep heart while you continue to look and roam,
You’ll find the path you’re searching for,
Just keep at it and look at more,
For those who’ve already found their peace,
Show respect for those whose journey has yet to cease,
For your path may not be their own,
It’s up to them to decide alone,
When they’ll find their path is anyone’s guess,
But on their journey, I wish them all the success.

Any Thoughts?

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