Feed and Pet (#1519)

Woken up again so he could be fed,
I’m convinced only food dances in my cat’s head,
Well, that and the overwhelming need to be petted,
He’ll headbutt me until it’s something he’s netted,
That little cat is as constant as the northern star,
And he’ll let you know if food and attention are subpar,
It’s as if he has this mantra of feed and pet,
“Just how much attention and soft food can I get?”
He’s a sweet boy but goodness he’ll drive you mad,
Sometimes I want to close the bedroom door something bad,
But depending on his mood, he’ll either leave or cry,
And just letting him cry I can’t seem to justify,
Damn that cat, but I love him to death,
But I swear he’ll drive me crazy till his last breath,

Any Thoughts?

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