Fat White Boy (#902)

I was called fat white boy today,
Accurate, but an insensitive thing to say,
I know I’ve got a lot of weight to lose,
But comments like that only tend to bruise,
To my recall, we’ve never even met,
So, the derogatory statements I don’t get,
You merely passed in my direction,
And I did nothing wrong in reflection,
Unprovoked, you took words and begun to stab,
I ignored you and your prejudiced gab,
Was it my girth or my white skin?
What meanness you have deep within,
What made you up and spout off like that?
To tell a perfect stranger, they’re fat?
Were you not raised better than this?
Your manners, sir, are in complete remiss!
Perhaps this is how you get your thrill,
Even so, I hold toward you no ill will,
Perhaps one day you’ll learn respect,
And learn to keep your words checked.

Any Thoughts?

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