Envisioning (#483)

When I envision love, I see us two,
Sailing together both captains and the crew,
When I envision beauty, I see your face,
Making my heart flutter at a dizzying pace,
When I envision sincere happiness, I see you at my side,
For I could imagine no one else I’d prefer on life’s little ride,
When I envision comfort, I picture your open arms,
For how could I resist those unmistakable charms?
When I envision strength, I see only your support,
No matter if difficulties are at home or away from port,
When I envision desire, I need only to reach out,
For I know, I am loved without a single doubt,
When I envision my wildest dream, there is nothing to do,
But simply be with my love, my beloved – YOU.

Any Thoughts?

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