Enough (#1002)

Is it enough to keep me going?
Especially, when it all stops flowing?

Am I really that passionate about prose?
If so, why is it so difficult to compose?

I can’t say my ideas must be written,
It’s not like my ideas have me smitten,

I mean some I think are cool and neat,
But none of them keep me in my seat,

I do dream of my novel on a bookstore shelf,
But the real question is, do I have it inside myself,

I’ve got lots of ideas and stories floating in my head,
But will any of them knock a publisher dead?

I’m happy writing for pleasure yet I want more,
But is a contract something I can truly score?

To achieve that and more, do I really have the stuff?
I really must question if my writing is good enough,

Any Thoughts?

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