Earth’s Notice (#752)

Between the moonlit sea and the midnight star,
Lies the earth with technology’s mar,
Crickets make the only music in the cool, breezy night,
In the silence, sleep is present, and troubles are far from sight,
Stars on the ground, from lampposts and dim lit rooms,
Pure clouds mix with technology’s fumes,
But still, there is the crisp freshness of the forests’ green,
Of which could be the earth’s only cure as one has seen,
Machines and trash litter the precious land,
There are even machines not far from ocean’s sand,
Technology is the dust off the hourglass,
It came, it is here, but soon technology’s time will pass,
From the air, the earth is metallic and barely green,
But from space, it is beautiful, as it has always been seen,
In the black of night, one can see the message of the moon,
That technology is earth’s deadly bane and not its boon,
Only at night in the beauty of untouched land can one see,
That earth is better off when it is left to be.

Any Thoughts?

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