Dream Wedding (#393)

It was a few hours before sunset,
When all our friends and relatives met,
I in my tuxedo and my bride in her dress,
Marsha was beautiful, I must confess,
Sweet, warm sands under feet,
Ocean and preacher in front- hand in hand we meet,
At each other, we turn with tears in eye,
Somehow time doesn’t seem to fly right by,
Music sings, and the pastor reads,
Salty winds blow as we recite our vows and creeds,
Purple, pink, blue, white all is the sky,
We exchange our rings ready to cry,
With watery eyes, we look at our wedding bands,
With smile and kiss, we grasp our hands,
Arm in arm, we turn to walk down the sandy aisle,
“May I present,” the pastor said with style,
Rice is thrown,
Bubbles are blown,
Hand in hand we run through,
A dream wedding, a dream “I do.”

Any Thoughts?

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