Dream vs. Reality (#1540)

Knowing what you want and doing to steps to get it,
Are vastly two different things one must admit,
It’s easy to dream a dream and hope for one day,
But if we do nothing more, that dream will remain far away,
For most, these dreams are a way to escape the real world,
A fantasy place to escape the chaos being swirled,
There’s never any authentic attempt to reach them,
Only use those dreams to anesthetize all the mayhem,
Dreams for most I feel are just wishful fancy,
But for a few, the desire to achieve makes them antsy,
It requires willpower and more importantly sacrifice,
All with no promise of success to encourage or entice,
They acknowledge the risk but no matter the outcome leap,
They work all day and all night while the others only sleep,
Apparently, they feel it’s worth the hardship and the pain,
In the end, one person’s dream is another’s reality to gain,

Any Thoughts?

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