Dream Incarnate (#318)

Why are you the dream incarnate, you inquire?
Because simply it is you that does inspire,
At night I drift to sleep with on my lips your name,
If I don’t, my dreams are just not the same,
When I fall into sleep, you’re there to hold my hand,
Knowing that you’re there, I don’t mind the sleeping sand,
In the darkness, in my dreams, you are my light,
You are there with me ever past the climatic height,
When I part from my sleepy dwellings, I hear you,
You I see in my cloudiness whether in the haze or through,
In the world awake I think of you my sweet,
Wishing the dream, I somehow could repeat,
But when I see you in reality’s light,
I just know you, the dream incarnate, is in my sight.

Any Thoughts?

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