DragonCon 2008 Afoot! (#870)

Music, art, fandom and much, much more,
Gaming, Sci-Fi, and fantasy at its core,
Activity swirls in the hotel corridors,
Convention goers traversing all its floors,
DragonCon 2008 ratchets into full swing,
Unique costumes, colored hair, adornments, and bling,
Our alternate personas awaken and here takes flight,
Normally quiet souls are just itching for a fight,
Here we show our true colors and let our inhibitions out,
No real words can articulate what it’s all about,
It’s an event that must be experienced else none understands,
Sexy costumes, laughter and the music from the bands,
Fans in unending lines being moved like herds,
DragonCon is the pinnacle for nerds,
DragonCon is the leather fashion show for freaks,
DragonCon is the ultimate MM “RL” RPG for geeks,
No matter what your flavor is there’s something here for all,
It’s DragonCon- let loose and have one hell of a ball!

Any Thoughts?

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