Doctor (#741)

Like any machine, we need an occasional tune-up or overhaul,
No machine is perfect nor is humanity, so it goes for us all,
How can we expect to function if there is something wrong?
A place in life to enjoy all is where we belong,
But somehow, we manage to end up broken or in disrepair,
What the doctor, our mechanic, instructs isn’t always fair,
But without medicine and the doctor where would we be?
If they weren’t around where we’d be, I’d hate to see,
Doctors are a special and unique breed,
They do what they do to take care of those in need,
With sweat on their brow, they’ll do what they can to aid,
To aid, they’ll use every knowledge or item known or made,
By Hippocratic oath, they are sworn to do what they can,
It’s been that way since the role of the doctor began.

Any Thoughts?

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