Disappointment (#1058)

Things always go as I like,
Occasionally, I can pull a rabbit out of my hat,
But it rarely happens like that,
I’m pretty good at setting goals,
But my timeframes often go into the coals,
I tend to reach my goals in the end,
Yet it takes more time than I allotted to spend,
While completing goals gives me relief,
The time it takes annoys me beyond belief,
It’s possible I set unrealistic timeframes,
But it’s because I have high standards and aims,
If others can do it that fast, why can’t I?
I don’t care if my expectations are too high,
Perhaps on myself, I’m a little too hard,
But my disappointment and anger I can’t discard,
Perhaps to aggressive timelines, I shouldn’t commit,
But in my heart, I feel like I should be able to do it,
So, when I can’t finish as fast as I want,
Disappointment and anger come to taunt,
From this repeated mistake, I should probably learn,
But to hell with that- let my pride burn!

Any Thoughts?

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