Difference (#335)

An expedition of the heart is sometimes prudent to take,
If one is not careful, they may find themselves in heartache,
How can someone tell another how they feel?
When in fact, the person may not know if that feeling is real,
True that feelings can be deceiving, especially if it is love,
Confusion of love, lust, friendship and what they consist of,
Love is endearment and the feeling that is lasting and real,
Whereas lust is endearment based on physical appeal,
Friendship is endearment based on trust and care,
One must admit each has its own distinct flair,
Friendships are great but can leave you desiring more,
If you’re not careful, lust can leave you on a desolate shore.
Love results in the balance of lust, friendship, and care,
I’ll be certain to say love and life make a perfect pair,

Any Thoughts?

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