Depression’s Grip (#498)

Why are some imprisoned in the dark,
Their hope in life is so dank and stark,
Those who have all but given up in despair,
Because life itself is just too much to bear,
To them, their death is their only release,
For they feel the darkness will never cease,
Depression is a strong foe to face,
Even harder to overcome when in that space,
Life is nothing but choices at best,
Some turn and fight, others sit back and rest,
I can’t imagine feeling that way,
To hope to not wake up one day,
Sure, I get life can be upsetting and hard,
And that not everyone is dealt the best card,
But if we don’t like it, we can change it,
Don’t feel like you can’t and just numbly sit,
Choose to live and not merely survive,
Feel what it means to really be alive,
Find and rekindle your missing spark,
You don’t have to remain alone in the dark.

Any Thoughts?

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