Deluge (#194)

Where to go when there is no refuge,
Against the world in an emotional deluge,
Demands on every second of the day,
Nerves already at the point of fray,
An occasional calm here or there,
A frequency that’s all too rare,
Weathering the storm by simply enduring,
A disease of time for which there is no curing,
All is not a trudge but a mere illusionary trick,
Which carries a thunderous kick,
The rock against the river is unbending,
But worn away, the river is its ending,
I too am worn against the river,
But my life unto it I cannot deliver,
There is too much that must be done,
There is so much that has yet to have begun,
The swelter of all that which surrounds,
Blankets me and woefully confounds,
I do know where my strength from springs,
Nor do I know what the future brings,
To stand and endure is all that is required,
It is raining, and I am dreadfully tired,
Despite the continuing worldly onslaught,
My life and purpose shall not be for naught.

Any Thoughts?

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