Dancing (#894)

I would have fun that’s no lie,
But that requires me to loosen up and try,
I’m fully aware you want us to dance,
And that I’m not giving us that chance,
Nothing’s wrong with dancing, but it’s not something I do,
But if I were to try, it would only be with you,
It’s a fun thing to watch, I agree,
And I know you’d jump at the chance to dance with me,
It’s just one of those things of which I’m not so keen,
I’d rather watch it if you know what I mean,
To get out of dancing, I’d make underhanded deals,
And I won’t go easily without dragging my heels,
I won’t say never since it’s something you desire,
But under my ass, you’ll have to light a mighty big fire,
Getting me to dance might cause a little strain,
But it’s hard to get me to go against the grain,
Getting me to dance won’t be easy I’m sure,
Maybe one day you’ll get me on the dance floor.

Any Thoughts?

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