Crush (#882)

I can’t believe I of all people have a crush,
It’s giving me a strange, thrilling sort of rush,
I really do not know how to act around her,
For that matter, I know not how to speak for sure,
I’m trying to mask the way I feel,
I’m beginning to doubt I ever will,
What company I can spend is nice,
I have such an emotional fire I think I’ll need ice,
Something is taking control of my mind,
But looking at her she is so sweet and refined,
Am I losing my captured mind?
I already know the answer I’ll find,
I’m crazy and entranced about the lovely lass,
That overwhelming feeling is hard to bypass,
My mask is cracking, and soon the truth will be shown,
Wouldn’t I know it, my cover could easily be blown,
Me of all people to have a crush on a pretty girl,
Being with her throws me into a devastating whorl,
I really don’t know which way is up or which way is down,
Through all this, she won’t let me even jokingly frown,
Does she really feel the same- I’d say no?
What to do in this instance I really don’t know,
Oh, I’m thrilled when we have an encounter or brush,
I still cannot believe I of all people have a crush.

Any Thoughts?

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