COVID-19 (#1757)

The Coronavirus is everywhere in the news,
Death tolls, total cases, and doctor interviews,

People are freaking out in every state,
Store shelves empty at an astonishing rate,

Good luck trying to find hand sanitizer or toilet paper!
It’s as if the whole area fell victim to a criminal caper,

Not that I’m saying the virus is something to ignore,
But I’ve never seen this kind of freak out before,

We see more deaths from the flu every year,
But we don’t see it with this level of fear,

Is the public hysteria just overblown?
Is it due to the coverage in the media being shown?

I wish people would calm down and think,
As a society we’re not at the brink,

Use warm water, soap, and common sense,
It’s our best method of defense.

Any Thoughts?

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