Could I Have Stopped You? (#1474)

It’s hard to believe that you’re gone,
Why did you finally go through with it, Shawn?
I knew you battled depression and pain,
I left because your bitterness and negativity were a drain,
I’d been there for you for almost a decade,
Supporting you but witnessing your zeal for life fade,
There were so many times I pulled you from the brink,
Only to see you months later yet again sink,
It was hard to walk away that final time,
Who was I to know the clock was ringing its final chime,
You claimed you were happy and started to improve,
I hoped it was true and that you’d found your grove,
Yet you’d said it all many times before,
And you returned to the state that forced me out the door,
Sadly, it seems it happened again, but I wasn’t there,
Had I been, could I have stopped you from embracing despair?

Any Thoughts?

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