Corporate America (#1052)

Corporate America is beginning to steal,
What I put into my work- care, effort, and zeal,
I’ve become an actor on the stage of political play,
Rehearsed movements and unheard lines to say,
An escalated struggle for power against wills,
There’s cut corners and sacrificial deals,
Management getting the rewards and money,
No wonder they feel things are always sunny,
Lower upon the totem, more work, and less pay,
Reincarnated slavery like it was back in the day,
Unlimited hours of tasks and unneeded stress,
All confined in this restricted form of dress,
Disconnected managers making poor decisions,
Always causing rifts and deeper divisions,
As normal, the favorites obtain the starring roles,
While the deserving fall through the holes,
A spreading empire of lies and growing greed,
Backstabbing and distrust continue to breed,
Hope for corporate America remains ever dim,
If the power-thirsty bend others to their whim.

Any Thoughts?

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