Content (#1546)

Most people spend their time-consuming content,
Truthfully, we all do to some extent,
But consuming content doesn’t make me happy,
I’d rather craft stories or pen a poem that’s sappy,
There’s something about creating that sets me free,
Something insubstantial that touches the soul within me,
I rarely encounter content that makes me feel that way,
Hence why I try to limit it or keep it all together at bay,
I can’t deny that some content shines a positive light,
The rest is just a shallow, empty, mostly negative blight,
I do want others to enjoy the content I produce,
I want it to make them think or set their emotions loose,
To make them cry, laugh, love but never hate,
I try to express my soul in everything I create,
Perhaps if all content was made in that regard,
Peace within and around the world wouldn’t be so hard,

Any Thoughts?

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