Coming Off (#1596)

At last, the weight is coming off,
Now that I’m not grazing at the trough,
I’ve seriously felt like an overstuffed pig,
I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a twig,
For most of my life, I’ve grown in size,
And because of it, I’d always internally chastise,
How and why did I let myself get this way?
There’s never been a response I could say,
I made attempts to drop the weight,
But it always seemed to be a stalemate,
When I did lose a few, it came right back,
Because my efforts never stayed on track,
I’d relapse and just eat my emotions away,
And that left me back to where I am today,
But now something is different this go around,
I’ve been able to lose pound after pound,
Something inside finally clicked into place,
Along with a process I’ve been able to embrace,
The weight will continue to drop if I do my bit,
Is that what it means to fully commit?
It’ll be nice to eventually get back to where I’d been,
And I know it’s not a matter of if but when,

Any Thoughts?

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