College Friends (#262)

Kevin would ever be a Scotsman in the trench,
When it came to RPG’s and movies, it was a cinch,
A beard and mustache with a simple evil grin,
No one is quite as unusual as he is or has been,
Bold as the size of his belly and caring as can be,
His point of view was different, imaginative and hard to see.

Tony is ever the man of Japanese culture and art,
Anime, RPG’s and video games were just the start,
Towering figure of red hair and goatee cloaked in black,
In humor, wit, and intelligence he never will lack,
If Puck had a shadow, then Tony would fit the bill,
Challenges, tricks, and games he made real.

Amanda is the witch of light,
She is a seer, a Wiccan, and a seeker of right,
Eyes filled with love and long brown hair,
Tarot cards, trees and a smile with care,
Draped with a cloak and an aura of white,
She will ever be the defender of light,

Carin the darker side of the witch,
Once dark now is light- a brilliant switch,
She has a sense of humor with a twist of zeal,
A sensitive that regards and helps no matter the deal,
Her car covered with quotes, marks, symbols and saying,
A trickster, a mistress in all her playing.

Any Thoughts?

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