Choices in Love (#1194)

I want to support you,
Really, I honestly do,
But what you want harms,
And you’ve embraced its charms,

To another, you gave your heart,
Though you vowed fidelity at the start,
You gave me two rules never to break,
Yet you broke them and continued that mistake,

You love both him and me,
That I can clearly see,
But I didn’t sign up to share,
Selfishness? Jealousy? I don’t care,

I’ve tried to reason it through,
But sharing doesn’t ring true,
It hurts that I’m not enough,
But truth is sometimes rough,

I need there to be only you and me,
That’s the only way we can remain to be,
I realize this causes you pain,
But I can’t keep living this and be sane,

If you need him, then I need to be freed,
I can’t heal if I continue to bleed,
I deserve happiness as much as you,
Can the marriage be saved or is it through?

The choice is yours to make,
Which love will you forsake?

Any Thoughts?

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