Child of the Vine (#873)

Love is like a glass of wine,
If you should only have but a taste that would be fine,
For in that taste your palette does explode and burst,
Be it sweet and subtle or quite honestly the worst,
The better it is with age, but new shall do the task,
Be you with open mind and hunger, so no flavor is mask,
Breathe the aroma of its untold coffer,
Taste, if but small, what love can offer,
Allow its sparkle and hue to catch your eye,
You may find your favorite first, but most give many a try,
Once one has taken in the warmth of that first taste,
Most will find there is not a single drop they will waste,
Some never find the perfect flavor, so they continue to pine,
All for love, but a glass of wine.

Any Thoughts?

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