Cherishing Royalty (#1227)

Oh, heaven has touched my ear,
In the form of her voice that I hear,
Joy can roll down my cheek in the form of a tear,
All because the sound of her voice I hold dear,
In my veins, when she speaks, I have a drought of blood,
Because in them, blood is replaced with happiness in flood,
To understand what she does to me is complex,
It has one answer, love, by which it does perplex,
If I were a boat, she would be the wind in my sail,
If love was a crime, let her be my jail,
If she were to ask me what I would do,
My reward would be the words “I love you,”
The meaning of her love touches me deep,
It is something I cherish and forever will keep,
Darling is my princess, who calls me her prince,
I love her, and I’ve given plenty of juicy hints,
If I were offered the world, I would say no,
For I only want her, as I already know.

Any Thoughts?

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