Change of Course (#1236)

I can feel myself at sanity’s eroding ledge,
Is that hope on the horizon’s edge?
It must be a mirage that I’m seeing,
Yet I feel something swelling in my being,
Can an illusion have such an effect?
Or is that true hope I internally detect?
I think I see a possible new path,
Should I go with my gut or go with the math?
If I go with math, it may be better to stay the course,
Yet I’ll continue to feel I’m there by force,
If I go with my gut, I’ll be sailing waters not yet sailed,
Dangers and delights are likely to be unveiled,
The consequences of choice are hard to understand,
But I’m taking the wheel by the hand,
The canvas is down, and the anchor weighed,
I set sail with the decision I’ve made.

Any Thoughts?

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