Calories (#1551)

Why are there so many calories in American fare?
They’ve packed them in like we didn’t have a care,
The average meal starts at 1,000 calories or more,
It’s crazy how our food is filled with calories galore,
Most of that I think is due to our typical portion size,
Just how big they are I don’t think most realize,
The bigger, the better is often the American way,
So, of course, it came to apply to every snack and entrée,
Just imagine the calories at an all-you-can-eat buffet!
It makes me understand why I weigh what I weigh,
When I compare what we should have to what we get,
I’m instantly filled with shame and lasting regret,
With American portion sizes ever on the increase,
Is it any wonder that most of us are obese?

Any Thoughts?

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