By the Lake (#313)

Silence shouts out at the placid lake holding to the shore,
Coffee acorns are tossed from branches to the forest floor,
Silence is only broken by the sounds of the surrounding world,
Smells drift in the wind like sunshine with oak softly swirled,
Sunlight warmth caresses the helpless leaves of green,
The lake’s surface shimmers at the right angle when seen,
The earth itself is but a canvas of brush strokes and paint,
When it comes to beauty nature herself has no restraint,
The sky shrouds the ground in most brilliant of blue,
As they pass, travelers called clouds, possess a grayish hue,
Nature is soft, beautiful, elegant and understands itself,
Her differences do not matter for they are on their own shelf,
Then why can’t humans do the same with one another,
Just as nature has done, we must accept each other.

Any Thoughts?

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