Black Friday (#1163)

Ready or not, Black Friday is here,
The day all retailers adore and fear,
Enthusiastic shoppers line up in the cold November night,
Waiting for the stroke of midnight,
At the stroke malls and department stores open their doors,
And mobs and mobs storm the floors,
Shelves are attacked and cleaned close to bare,
People fight over remaining stock unwilling to share,
Hordes of shoppers at every rack and in every aisle,
Shoppers grabbing sale items like it’s going out of style,
When their arms and carts could hold no more,
They rush to check out near the door,
Once there they pull wads of cash and credit cards,
After checkout, they gather their bags and hurry past guards,
One store down, many more to go,
Space left in their cars and money left to blow.

Any Thoughts?

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