Birthday Snow (#1310)

What a wonderful present I received,
It was something I wouldn’t have believed,
On my birthday no less it began to snow,
It’s probably the best gift one could bestow,
I had heard that something might come,
But to these rumors, I’m normally numb,
Forecast accuracy tends to be weak,
But this time they hit a lucky streak,
The sky became milky and gray,
Blocking every warming sun ray,
The temperature fell where breath would show,
Before long the wind started its icy blow,
Trees all around began to sway especially the tall,
Nestled in the blowing wind snow started to fall,
The flakes fragile with a small silhouette,
Gradually changing to large and wet,
Sleet, freezing rain, and snow fell intermixed,
At first sight, I found myself transfixed,
At first news, a smile became chiseled on my face,
At first experience my happiness you couldn’t erase,
Snow on my birthday- I’d never have thought,
No rival present could have been bought,
It certainly has set my mood aglow,
What a wonderful gift- Birthday Snow!

Any Thoughts?

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