Best in Class (#1023)

This company fills me with such dread,
The heart of this company is corrupt and dead,
The bottom line drives every action they make,
They’re so two-faced and fake,
I hear things like being “best in class,”
Yet on its execution, we take a pass,
Per leadership, going above and beyond is “wrong,”
No wonder service is poor and wait times long,
Agents want to help, but their hands are tied,
They get penalized whenever they’ve tried,
What is so wrong about providing great care?
They pay for our service so wouldn’t it be only fair?
I don’t understand how they expect to earn revenue,
When we lose customers because of what we do,
If all we do is drive our customers away,
We won’t have jobs at the end of the day,
Maybe that makes too much logical sense,
Let’s care about our customers instead of expense!

Any Thoughts?

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