Being Apart (#613)

Being apart from the ones we love and care,
We hope these times are few and rare,
For when we must experience that feeling,
Ultimately, we feel lost and emotionally reeling,
There is a comfort in having them at our sides,
That truth when traveling barely hides,
At first, it might be a welcome break,
But after a while, your heart starts to ache,
You count the hours away that it’s been,
You yearn to be with them once again,
It’s an uneasy feeling for sure,
But being away, those feelings always stir,
There’s nothing like having those I love around,
At some level together we must be bound,
It’s human to love it’s human to miss,
One never thinks absence feels like this,
To know how it feels it takes only one trip,
And in that instance, you’re forced to grip,
It’s not a feeling a wish anyone to share,
But honestly, most of us have been there,
We look forward to when we are back,
To a world that’s not so lonely and black,
Eternity describes the time that remains,
And we continue to suffer through the pains,
At some point, we will always return,
Until that time, we continue to yearn.

Any Thoughts?

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