Barack Obama (#887)

Who would have thought our 44th President would be black?
But he had the overwhelming votes to be head of the pack,
For the first time in history, we’ve looked past race,
A black president we’ve taken into embrace,
He won not because of the color of his skin,
It was his views and policies that allowed him to win,
We know there were lots of supporters for John McCain,
And it really was a hard-fought campaign,
But the American public has put their faith in him,
We hope he can jump into shark-infested waters and swim,
He’s promised change, and we believe he can deliver,
The American public still has hope even if only a sliver,
We pray our hope isn’t misplaced,
We pray our votes weren’t a waste,
We feel this country is at the end of its rope,
Yet with Obama, we feel there is at least hope,
We hope his administration will be worthwhile,
And that on the issues he can work across the aisle,
He’s got a lot of issues that he’ll have to work through,
But we believe that it’s something that he can do,
He’s the new commander and chief of the land,
The oval office is now his to command,
May he succeed and put this country back on the right track,
Who would have thought our 44th President would be black?

Any Thoughts?

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