Back at Work (#1587)

Back at work after a long break,
It makes you wonder if being back is a mistake,
The body is here, but the mind is away,
It’s a struggle to fix that throughout the day,
Slowly but surely things click into place,
And before long I’m back in the race,
It feels strange to again take up the reins,
Especially when vacation still runs through my veins,
It provides a stillness not normally there,
So, despite being busy, I’m not pulling out my hair,
I can’t say how long that feeling will last,
For my sake, I hope it doesn’t disappear fast,
Though short-lived, those breaks provide a balm,
A welcomed sort of collectedness or calm,
An honest attempt to catch up I’ll have to make,
Being back at work after a long break,

Any Thoughts?

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