At Your Side (#872)

Oh, how sweet it is to be by your side,
How it does so softly warm the inside,
To share but a moment, a second or two,
How precious it is to spend that with you,
Together as a family or as husband and wife,
I know that I’ll love you for the rest of my life,
Truly how lucky to have you near,
Tucked close to my heart and held so dear,
Few and far between do I say how I feel,
Most certainly strong felt and all too real,
From the embers of my being and all throughout,
I know what loving you is truly about,
To see, to hold and to kiss true art,
And the gift to experience each sweet part,
If you’ve learned nothing else from being with one another,
Know my love for you and that I cherish having each other,
Allow me for a moment, to be honest, and crystal clear,
I love you my amber rose, my darling dear.

Any Thoughts?

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