At It Again (#1735)

Back on the wagon and losing weight,
All because of the way I look I hate,
It’s not for vanity but my health,
Because of excess fat, I have a wealth,
I stopped trying this time last year,
And gained it all back or almost near,
I had achieved my short-term goal,
And I felt I had my eating under control,
I paused my calorie counting for a while,
And relied on my new perceived lifestyle,
That perception turned out to be wrong,
And I started gaining weight before long,
I declared I’d start again after the holidays,
But life caught me up in its standard craze,
All my good intentions fell apart,
So here I am full circle back at the start,
Calorie counting isn’t my favorite thing,
But I love the results that it can bring,
Maybe someday soon my clothes will fit,
I just have to knuckle down and commit,

Any Thoughts?

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