Ardor (#1190)

I know I don’t romance you as I should,
If I wasn’t so tired and drained all the time, I would,
I come home from work, and our day we want to discuss,
Instead, I get to hear you and our son fuss,
After dinner, you lie on the couch and read your book,
So absorbed in it, you don’t offer me a second look,
Other times you’ve passed out before our son is even in bed,
Or you get playful at 2am when of course I’m already dead,
At night in different rooms, we watch our own TV show,
It’s common to find you on the couch asleep in the TV’s glow,
Between our son and school, you’re always on the go,
We don’t spend enough time together I know,
On a daily basis, there’s a lot we go through,
I’m glad to have you here, and I love you,
It’s hard to be romantic and give you what you need,
But I know love starves if it doesn’t feed,
Maybe if I try a little bit harder,
Our love can get back its old ardor.

Any Thoughts?

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