After the Storm (#642)

I surveyed the aftermath of the storm,
Broken branches and leaves are the norm,
The front yard looks like a disaster zone,
All is wet, turned over and windblown,
On the bright side, I don’t have to mow,
But all that water will make the grass grow,
Sooner or later, I’ll have to pick up the yard,
It’s more annoying than actually hard,
I hate doing it, but the yard can’t be a mess,
But there’s no one we’re trying to impress,
Having a nice yard is a matter of pride,
I don’t mean all landscaped just clean,
Hell, half my yard isn’t even green!
But I do want the place to look well kept,
Like the grass cut and the driveway swept,
Thunderstorms like to make a mess of it all,
When they hit, things are going to fall,

Any Thoughts?

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