A Ride to Bed (#672)

“Go to bed Triston, do as I said.
It’s past time for bed!”,
“No! No! No!
I don’t want to go.”,
“Well, son you have to.”
Just like that, the arguments were through,
“Daddy, can I ride your leg?”
If I don’t want to, he’ll sit there and beg,
So, of course, I say yes, and he climbs aboard,
And up the stairs, we go forward,
At each step, he bursts into giggles,
And holds on tight despite his wiggles,
Upstairs, he gets off and hugs me goodnight,
Sometimes we read a story, and I turn out the light,
It’s an annual ritual between him and I,
The nightly ride for beddy-bye,

Any Thoughts?

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