A Prayer (#125)

Prayers are said in your name,
And your touch can heal the lame,
You died by crucifixion to save us all,
At your name, we should stand firm and tall,
You are God’s love having human form and look,
Your teachings and words are told in the good book,
Troubles or decisions we look to you,
Hoping you will guide us in what we do,
You who has a mother ever so faithful, Mary,
And Joseph, a father who would protectively tarry,
Did you know both fathers have the carpenter’s skill?
Joseph makes with his hands, and God makes with his will,
Lord Jesus, you are our great king,
I pray that you take us all under your tender wing,
I pray that the sins of all are forgiven and gone,
I pray that all who encounter woe, be able to move on,
I pray that you look after us all, women and men,
Lord in your mercy, Amen.

Any Thoughts?

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