A North Pole Prank (#1484)

Santa’s going in and out,
Look at the way that sleigh is weaving about,
He’s super jolly and ho-ho-ho,
But what’s in his eggnog, only the elves know,
He’s got those reindeer going this way and that,
Poor St. Nick can’t even hold on to his hat,
He stumbles out of the sleigh after landing on a roof,
Whatever those elves gave Santa was a good 180 proof,
He’s got more than a twinkle in his eye,
With the munchies he’s got, you’d think he was high,
The milk and cookies were gone in a flash,
Off-balance, he falls leaving a butt print of ash,
He leaves presents while holding on to the tree,
Before he’s done, he must sneak into the bathroom to pee,
After numerous tries, he touches his finger to his nose,
Zigzag and sideways up the chimney he goes,
The elves are laughing it up back at the North Pole,
Guess who’ll be getting more than switches and coal?

Any Thoughts?

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