A Need for Change (#1416)

If the founding fathers could see the US today,
I’d fear what all they’d have to say,
Branches of government bow to the president’s every whim,
Checks and balances are null before him,
Presidencies bought with money and promises of power,
The light of our country dims with every hour,
Flaws inherent in every aspect of our government,
This was not our founding father’s intent,
Bipartisan power plays in every campaign,
More and more citizens see that it’s insane,
Parties mean more than a citizen’s rights,
We pay their absorbent salaries while they sit and fight,
Abuse of power and trust is our country’s very norm,
Yet there is very little hope of reform,
In years past the voice of the public held powerful sway,
Now representatives no longer listen to what we say,
Now it’s all a battle of which party is stronger,
I don’t want it to be this way any longer, 
To our leaders, we are merely mindless sheep,
Our country’s state makes me weep,
We must speak louder, so we are heard,
The way this country is run is absurd,
Relations with other nations only gets worse,
Our government is such a malignant curse,
Out with liars, oil men and the rich,
It’s time this nation had a switch,
Out with the religious right and double-dealing politician,
This cannot be our nation’s tradition,
For the people and by the people once held meaning,
It’s time our government had a good cleaning,
Better of the two evils isn’t must of a choice,
It’s time to reclaim the citizen’s voice,
If we don’t get politically active and wisely vote,
For our country, it’ll be all she wrote,
The future of our country is on the line,
Now is the time to show a little spine,
Don’t let politicians enact ridiculous laws,
It’s still our country despite the numerous flaws,
Don’t stand by like a mindless crowd,
Be heard, save the future, be loud.

Any Thoughts?

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